Eric Potter

I spent my youth playing and learning in the Adirondack Park in Upstate New York. There I gathered hiking, camping, and general outdoor skills while learning from my boy scout leaders. Once I graduated high school I spent a couple years at a local community college fine tuning my dreams. I then went to Cortland College for another two years (or so) as a theatre major. There I became ensconced in all things theatre including acting, directing, set, light, and sound design. All the while I spent time playing with whatever camera I could get my hands on. Soon after leaving Cortland I landed the Light and Sound Designer gig at Cortland Repertory Theatre. I spent the summer stock season there and soon landed a Technical Director and Managing Director job at the Hart Theatre in Rochester, NY. While working in and around Rochester for four years I started to fall back in love with photography. Slowly, very slowly I was infected with the photog bug. In 2004 I traveled back home to the Adirondack Park and began working the theatre and tech scene where it all began for me. I was soon working for Creative Stage Lighting in the sales department. I quickly learned that sitting behind a desk answering phones was not where I wanted to be. Within two years I transferred to the Rentals and Production Department. This is when the real fun began. I started working concert lighting gigs for some big time clients like Kanye West, Bob Dylan, Meatloaf, Dane Cook, and "Weird Al" Yankovic just to name a few. Working these shows and being on tour gave me a great opportunity to travel all over the country and Canada. While on tour with Meatloaf I bought my first DSLR and that was it. I was back in love, but again it took many years for me to actually believe I had an eye for this stuff and now I have the rest of my life to learn how to shoot and perfect my post processing skills. In late 2013 I decided to go pro and made that dream come true in early 2014. Today I spend much less time on tour and much more time out in nature. I suppose age will do that to you, the tour life is usually a young man's game and I am fine with that. Besides it allowed me to get back into the theatre. In the past 10 years I have been able to get back into acting, directing, set designing and light designing for area theatres and dance companies. I do my best to spread my life between my day job, Dacker Studios, photography (my favorite job), and husband (also my favorite job). I do as much kayaking and hiking through my home park (Adirondack) and as many National Parks as I can. I still travel every chance I get and my wife is an amazing assistant, travel partner, business partner, and life partner.

Well that is my story, so far. Hope you enjoy my work and if you can, please support me by purchasing your own piece of Eric D. Potter Photography.

Contact me by email at

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